Analogue Pocket

This Gorgeous Console Brings High Definition to Old Game Boy Games

October 17, 2019 Tech By

Now you’re playing with power.

The Analogue Pocket ($200) is a brand-new portable gaming system that plays old Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced games in high definition. It upscales original cartridges into 1600 x 1400 resolution — or 10 times the resolution of the original Game Boy, says the company.

The thing that jumps right out with the Analogue Pocket is its beautiful matte black design, but there are plenty of practical reasons to buy one over an old Game Boy console, such as USB-C charging, stereo speakers and a backlit screen. You can also purchase an HDMI dock accessory for the Pocket to play games on a big-screen TV, similar to what the Nintendo Switch can do; the dock has built-in Bluetooth and two USB inputs for wireless and wired controllers.

Heck, the Pocket even has a digital audio workstation built into it, called the Nanoloop, meaning it can technically work like a synthesizer and sequencer. (Old Game Boys have become the popular retro console of choice for musicians creating chiptune or 8-bit music.)

No price has been announced for the HDMI dock accessory that allows you to connect the Pocket to your TV. As is true with Analogue’s other retro consoles (the Analogue Nt, the Super Nt and the Mega Sg), the Pocket doesn’t have any built-in games. That said, if your knees are growing weak just looking at the Analogue Pocket, it’s likely you already own a library of old games. Or you’re prepared to buy a few to get that nostalgia factor.

The Analogue Pocket will be available for purchase early next year.

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