Readers Review the Apple AirPods Pro, a Seiko Prospex & More

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Our editors and writers spend their days poring over the latest and greatest products so they can inform you what’s worth it and what you should skip. But we can’t always get to every single piece of gear you might want to know about, like the Everki Atlas Backpack. That’s where you, the reader, can come in to review a product in your own words.

Maybe you have different, or similar, opinions of products we’ve tested like the Apple AirPods Pro or Mark Weldon boxer briefs. If you want to voice your opinion on some gear, take a couple of minutes and fill out the survey at the bottom of the page to get featured in an upcoming story. Include your email, and we’ll alert you if your review is published. (We promise we won’t sign you up for our newsletters.)


Anova Precision Cooker Nano Sous Vide

Would they recommend it? Yes

“Quite a handy little kitchen tool. I forgot to thaw steaks before having people over, but it didn’t matter. I gave the steaks a bath, and then a quick sear over high heat. This guy cooked perfect steaks in just a few hours. Perfection.” — Ari, Los Angeles


Vitamix Personal Cup + Adaptor

Would they recommend it? Yes

“I love it! It’s handy for protein shakes and smoothies. It also works well for Daily Harvest smoothies, too. I like that it’s got an insulated cup that works as the blender and that it’s all dishwasher safe. The cap also locks so you don’t have to worry about having it spill in your bag.” — Femaven, Planet Earth

Outdoors and Fitness

Everki Atlas Backpack

Would they recommend it? Yes

“One of the best designed backpacks out there. There is great attention to detail, such as a loop in the water bottle pocket. The loop goes over the neck of your water bottle and keeps it secure in the pocket. The orange interior makes it easy to locate all of my gear.” — Steve, A hotel somewhere


Would they recommend it? Yes

“Well-executed hardware and software. Mirror provides a surprisingly immersive exercise class experience.” — Kyle, Manhattan Beach


Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet

Would they recommend it? Yes

“Simply one of the best EDCs. Light, no frills, all function and beautiful. I carry seven cards and my Victorinox SwissCard multitool on one side and a bit of cash on the other. The retention band has never failed to hold and makes one-hand operation a cinch. Did I mention it has a bottle opener?” — Harrison, New Jersey


Apple AirPods Pro


Would they recommend it? Yes

“The AirPods Pro have a great fit and great noise-cancelling capabilities considering the size of these things. Transparency mode is a game changer but feels a bit rude to people. Battery life is decent seeing as you store them in the very pocketable case anyway.” — Jacob, Toronto



Oliver Peoples Fairmont Sunglasses

Would they recommend it? Yes

“Living in a city with polarizing weather can be tough from a stylistic accessories perspective. In saying that, a good pair of sunglasses or sunnies, as we call them, will never go unappreciated. This pair covers all bases with a sleek design, which oozes sophisticated charm, and photochromic lenses, which provide exceptional protection from the harsh sun. Perfect for any occasion and any outfit — just don’t wear them at night.” — Patrick, Melbourne

Mark Weldon AIRKNITx 8-Inch Boxer Brief

Would they recommend it? Yes

“Mack Weldon’s AIRKNIT 8-inch box brief is hands down the best underwear for anyone looking for something that is both light and moisture-wicking. I have worn numerous brands but none have come close to keep me as dry as these Mack Weldons. While they do come in a shorter version, I prefer the 8-inch version because I find they stay in place better and don’t ride up throughout the day.” — Christopher, Phoenix

Aesop Bitter Orange Astringent Toner

Would they recommend it? Yes

“A toner can be an overlooked addition to an individual’s grooming regimen. This is unfortunate because when it is paired with an effective cleanser and replenishing moisturizer, it can truly make a difference in your skin’s health and appearance. With Aesop’s Bitter Orange Astringent Toner, I found my skin to be properly cleansed, protected and nourished. From here on out, a toner such as this will be a welcomed member of my grooming family.” — Patrick, Melbourne


Seiko Prospex SNE499

Would they recommend it? Yes

“I used this Seiko for a winter backpacking trip. It gets dark early, so the lume was great and lasted long into the early morning. It was easy to tell the time during the multiple occasions I woke up from being uncomfortable.” — Jeff, Jamestown

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