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This Is the Travel Gadget You Need If You Travel with AirPods

November 15, 2019 Tech By

Last year, Twelve South released the AirFly, a $45 wireless headphone adapter that let you use your AirPods with an airplane’s in-flight entertainment system. Now the company has released a next-generation version of that Bluetooth adapter, called the AirFly Pro. It costs $55 and is better in pretty much every way.

The AirFly Pro has twice the battery life of the original AirFly (16 hours versus 8 hours), which is actually a pretty big deal considering that many international flights are over 8 hours. It can also connect to two pairs of AirPods, or two pairs of any wireless headphones, so that they can share audio. This is similar to iOS 13’s new audio sharing feature, which lets you share audio to two pairs of AirPods (or any wireless headphone that has Apple’s W1 or H1 chip), but now you can share audio from non-Apple devices.

Of course, the AirFly and AirFly Pro don’t just have to be used with an in-flight entertainment system; each can let you listen to audio from any device with an aux jack that doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, such as a Nintendo Switch.

The new AirFly Pro lets you do something else, too, as you can flip a switch and turn it into a AUX IN adapter. How is this useful? For people who have older cars without built-in Bluetooth, it allows them to plug the AirFly Pro into their car’s aux jack and listen their smartphone’s audio through their car speakers. For travelers that don’t want to sync their smartphone to their rental car, this device gives them an out that allows them to still play their own music.

Twelve South is also releasing the AirFly Duo and AirFly USB-C, which are both essentially the same as the AirFly Pro, but without the ability to turn into an AUX IN adapter. The AirFly USB-C also has USB-C connector instead of the headphone jack, so you can use with any USB-C device (like a laptop).

You can buy these wireless headphone adapters right now from either Twelve South or Apple.

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