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The Best Accessories to Give the Most Stylish Man You Know

December 18, 2019 Buying Guides By
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It’s the little things that count. By that, we mean accessories. When you’re shopping for the guy that gets it, a good accessory cannot be overlooked. But there are so many fashion doo-dads out there it can easy to brick it. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled this list of accessories to gift the most stylish man you know. And it’s okay — we won’t mind if you tell him you thought of his gift all by yourself.

Captain Cook Automatic

Price: $2,000

The New Captain Cook from Rado is much more than a retread of its timeless 60s diver. This new Rado has all the hallmarks of the iconic Captain Cook, but with a bigger 42mm case for the modern wrist along with new colors and modern technology.

1. Grenson Shoe Horn

Price: $15

We’ve gone on endlessly about the merits of well-made shoes, but all of that talk won’t mean squat if those shoes aren’t treated properly. In that case, he’ll want a shoe horn to really extend the mileage on his favorite shoes.

2. Baxter of California Comb

Price: $22

He’ll need this should he decide to doff that Polo Ralph Beanie halfway through the day. It’s not too large to stow away in his tote or in his back pocket and it’s made with the high-quality cellulose in Switzerland.

3. Anonymous Ism 2 Color Uneven Dye Crew Socks

Price: $30

Style doesn’t stop with the outer layers. These tie-dye tinged joints show he knows this, whether he’s publicly rocking socks and sandals or showing off his discerning taste in the privacy of a shoes-off home.

4. Neighborhood Swordfish Bandana

Price: $30

For schmutz or style, a bandana is a necessity. It might as well be a Japanese-made one with a bunch of swordfish on it.

5. Cause and Effect Thin Copper Cuff

Price: $40

These copper cuffs from Cause and Effect aren’t so polished, which isn’t a slight at all. For the guy who’s got more of a rugged demeanor, this warm accent fits the aesthetic and will just continue to get better with age. Just mention something about patina and he won’t hesitate to wear it straight out of the box.

Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription

Price: $39

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6. Howlin’ Mr. No Fingers Gloves

Price: $42

Howlin’s been in the wool sweater game for a minute and if their fabrics are good enough for your torso, they’re sure as hell good enough for your hands. These fingerless gloves (aka short-sleeved hand sweaters) won’t stop him from scrolling and are made in the UK from a beautiful wool fabric that’s got just enough texture to distract him from said scrolling.

7. Polo Ralph Lauren Signature Pony Wool-Blend Hat

Price: $45

Whether or not he’s gonna cover his ears with this luxed-up wool-blend beanie is up to him. Either way, he’ll love wearing it.

8. Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Price: $60

Is a flask really an accessory? Let him decide, after a swig.

9. Pioneer Molecule Card Wallet

Price: $65

Made with a proprietary ripstop fabric that’s ultralight and a whole factor stronger than steel, the Molecule Card Wallet from Pioneer is as tech-infused as it is sleek. It might be tucked away in his pocket, but he’ll be happy to pull it out when the check comes.

10. Engineered Garments Bucket Hats

Price: $108

These bucket hats aren’t your typical fishing fare (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Engineered Garments puts a Japanese spin on the beam-blocking buckets with patchworked renditions and fashion-forward proportions.

11. Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Fragrance

Price: $126

Ya like Bee Movie references? That’s not what gives Maison Margiela the inspiration for this fragrance, but the respected fashion house instead makes an effort to conjure smoky scenes of Brooklyn jazz clubs. From top to bottom, the reminiscent scent is a chord of pink pepper, rum absolute and tobacco.

12. Warby Parker Raider Sunglasses

Price: $145

Warby Parker takes to the skies with their Raider Sunglasses, a pair of frames drafting from classic aviator sunglasses. Gift him these and he’ll look like he knows what he’s doing, whether that’s picking an outfit or piloting a plane.

13. Ranchlands Rough Out Belt

Price: $150

This one hits on the western vibes without heading deep into the heart of Texas. Made in Colorado out of full-grain rough out leather, this Ranchlands belt is built to take on the rigors of life on the ranch and look good doing it.

14. Barbour Longthorpe Laptop Bag

Price: $160

If he needs a workbag that camouflages into his worn-in Barbour jacket, this one fits his monobrand fashion sense. Yes, Barbour makes bags as good as their prestigious jackets.

15. Good Art #10 Ball Chain Bracelet

Price: $161

If he’s a Good Art fan, he’ll know how special this seemingly basic bracelet is. If he doesn’t know Good Art, he’ll curse you for introducing him to his new jewelry obsession.

16. Drake’s Birds of Paradise Scarf

Price: $185

When it gets too cold to go without extra neck protection, a patterned scarf checks both the function and fun boxes. This all-wool scarf from Drake’s is crafted in Italy and is decorated with a detailed print of their ‘Birds of Paradise’ motif. It also comes with fringed ends that earn the scarf bonus points for texture without crossing into the threshold of obnoxiousness.

17. Caputo & Co. Chain Rope Necklace

Price: $265

Curb chain necklaces are a classic piece of jewelry that’s enjoyed a more recent bump in popularity. While we’re not mad at the trend, this Caputo & Co. necklace is a nice sterling silver sidestep.

18. Lotuff Zipper Backpack

Price: $1100

The framework of a simple backpack can leave something to be desired. But Lotuff took it as a challenge to make what is perhaps the best backpack you can find, upgrading the lowly knapsack to heirloom status.

Kynsho Linen Cowl

Price: $95

This lightweight linen cowl is a great way for him to accessorize his look without adding another layer. The unique design wraps like a scarf and snaps in place. It’s the perfect accent to his favorite blazer or sweater.

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Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

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