We’ve been testing the offerings from Priority Bicycles since the company’s launch in 2014, spurred by a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. At a time when bikes kept getting more technical — and more expensive — Priority felt fresh but familiar. Founder Dave Weiner set out to make the perfect bike for the everyday commuter: lightweight, comfortable to ride, and simple to maintain. It was a bike for business suits, not spandex. A recent addition to the Priority line-up, the Brilliant L Train, took commuting a step further with a redesigned frame for easy over-the-shoulder carrying, 7 speeds for sweat-free hills and speed in the flats, and more aggressive seat and handlebar positions for in-traffic commuting. For our NYC-based staffers, this was the perfect rider. And so, after nearly a year in design and development, we’re excited to announce the Priority Bicycles x Gear Patrol Commuter Bike, which tailors the Brilliant L Train specifically to our New York City specs: we upgraded to trigger shifters for more dynamic, in-traffic riding, added a custom crankset and applied a city-inspired, all-black paint job to hide dirt and scratches (mirror the classic NYC wardrobe).

Gear Patrol Commuter Bike

1. Designed for Commuting:
The star of the show is the rust-free, grease-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive. The unique system keeps chain marks off your pant leg, and, because the belt drive lasts longer than a traditional chain, keeps your bike out of the shop. Pair this with the puncture-resistant tires, and you won’t have an excuse to be late.

2. No Middlemen:
These are the best bicycles in the world for the price because of a simple model: high-quality parts assembled through an efficient supply chain with low overhead. There are no storefront frills adding to the price tag — these bikes are only available online. This translates to a value that you can’t get elsewhere.

3. Murdered Out:
For our collaboration, we painted our NYC-inspired bike all black. With high-wear gloss black around the forks and crank to take abuse and scratch-resistant matte black everywhere else for style, these bicycles are fit for the everyday grind but attractive enough for weekend rides.

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