We know winter. Whether slaying pow in Jackson Hole or fighting the foot traffic on Fifth Avenue, we know having a warm, weatherproof down parka is key to enjoying the winter months. So when our friends at American Trench reached out about making a new parka that would be sensibly made, stylish, ecologically sound and well priced, we leapt at the opportunity. Produced in black and charcoal specifically for Gear Patrol, we’re stoked to introduce the all-new American Trench x Gear Patrol Ventile Down Parka.

Goose Down Ventile Parka

1. Ventile Shell:
Ventile is an extremely versatile fabric used for decades in the British Isles. Produced of 100% cotton fibers, Ventile gets its durability and weather resistance from its dense weave. This dense weave makes the material water repellent but also windproof. An extra DWR coating has been applied which aids in beading yet doesn’t sacrifice breathability. The end result is a parka that is warm, very lightweight and weatherproof.
2. Global TDS:
Global TDS stands for Global Traceable Down Standard – think of it as the Fair Trade approach for down fill – which is becoming the benchmark for down fill across the industry. The down used in this parka comes from Downlite, which is committed to providing a traceable supply chain with ethical and audited production standards.
3. Snorkel Hood:
A lot of parkas have hoods, but they’re usually fairly useless and often do a better job of collecting rain and snow than keeping your head out of the elements. A true snorkel hood should easily cover the wearer’s neck and head with only a small face opening when fully donned. This snorkel hood is fully lined and secures at the neck with an additional snap closure.

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