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A Look at the Dixon Nordic Tech Bomber at Verishop

February 14, 2020 Sponsored By

Have you been shellacked by sleet, rain and snow yet this year? It’s not fun — especially when you’re caught unprepared. Verishop, a premium lifestyle destination for hand-picked everyday luxury brands, has you covered on that account: they carry a wide range of top brands picked by fashion experts, including the Dixon Nordic Tech Bomber Jacket. It’s made by Mackage, a Montreal-based brand founded by designer Eran Elfassy in 1999. This is the do-it-all winter jacket. (Elfassy and his partner, Elisa Dahan, are based in The Great White North, remember.) Here are a few of the features that make it the perfect winter bomber jacket.

1. Winter-Proof Features: You need heavy-duty outerwear to keep you warm in the depths of winter. The Dixon Nordic Tech Bomber Jacket’s got that in spades: its polyester and nylon shell, combined with 800+ fill duck down, keeps winter out while letting your body breathe; its removable hooded bib has a storm visor; and its double-entry pockets are easy to access while you’re wearing gloves. In short, you’ll never be caught out in the cold.

2. Down with Ethics: The down that keeps you toasty doesn’t need to make you feel bad. The Dixon’s quality 800+ fill duck down keeps you warm with less weight and fewer feathers — and it’s certified responsible.

3. Technical style: Let’s be honest — a bomber jacket is always going to be infinitely cooler than a parka. Don’t take that for granted this winter. And don’t miss out on a Napoleon pocket with leather welt and zipper, either. People notice such things, even when they’re freezing their butts off.

Its polyester and nylon shell sheds whatever precipitation winter throws at you, but still breathes; its duck-fill down keeps you toasty warm. Of course, no one wants to be entombed inside a stiff, oversized parka, even in the worst conditions, and the Dixon Bomber Jacket is far from it:

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