Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol is an award-winning print and digital publication, store and content studio based in New York City. We believe that the things we create and own, as well as the habits that surround them, play a crucial role in our global culture. Products, in short, are culture. From the Model T to the iPhone, and anything before or since, products hold the power to revolutionize the way we work, relax, communicate, travel, look, learn and more.

That’s why we’re focused on something we call Product Journalism a.k.a. #ProJo. Our mission is simple. We are a team of creators, users, and enthusiasts, hell-bent on building the definitive resource for discovering products and exploring the stories that surround them. Our goals are not limited to specific platforms or mediums. We know that making essential experiences for product lovers requires leveraging the best that digital, print and social platforms all have to offer.


Founding Partners

Founder, Editor in Chief
Eric Yang

Ben Bowers


Managing Editor, Editorial Operations
Ali Carr Troxell

Senior Associate Editor
Jack Seemer
Justin Fenner

Associate Editor
Nick Caruso

Assistant Editors
JD DiGiovanni
AJ Powell
Oren Hartov

Staff Writers
Tucker Bowe
Tanner Bowden
Bryan Campbell
Andrew Connor
Meg Lappe
John Zientek

Associate Staff Writers
Will Price

Editorial Assistant
Andy Frakes


Art Director
Joe A. Tornatzky

Deputy Photography Editor
Henry Phillips

Staff Photographer
Chase Pellerin

Associate Staff Photographer
Chandler Bondurant

Associate Designer
Hunter D. Kelley

*  *  *

Head of Video
Luke Wahl

Associate Videographer
Jarry Truong

Social Media

Social Media Editor
Alexander Stein

Social Media Coordinator
Brenden Clarke

Partnerships & Marketing

Vice President, Advertising & Partnerships
Zach Mader

Head of Marketing
Kyle Snarr

*  *  *

Sales Director, East Coast
Jason Davis

Account Executives
Alyx Effron
Michael Bailey

Pacific Northwest Advertising Director
Scot Bondlow

Southern California Partnerships Manager
Justin Parkhurst

Account Manager
Kevin O’Brien

*  *  *
Deputy Editor, Gear Patrol Studios
Megan Billings

Content Producer, Gear Patrol Studios
Ryan Brower

*  *  *

Campaign Manager
Geneva Auduong

Sales Planner
Dominique Gageant


Store Operations Manager
Chris Healy

Content Director, Gear Patrol Store
Jacob Sotak


Brandon Frank

*  *  *

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Uniques 2,700,000
Page Views 7,000,000

Facebook 136,000
Twitter 49,000
Instagram 84,000

HHI $100K+ 70%; $150K+ 68%;
Education 80% College; 40% Grad School
18-24: 14%; 25-34: 29%; 35-44: 22%
Male: 80%


Folio Eddie & Ozzie Awards
Best Overall Magazine Design 2016 Winner
Best New Magazine (Under 250k Circulation) 2016 Winner

Communication Arts
Best Editorial Design 2016 Winner

Webby Awards
Best Lifestyle Site 2016 Nominee
Best Lifestyle Site 2015 Winner
Best Lifestyle Site 2014 Honoree

MIN Awards
Best New Magazine Launch 2016 Winner
Editorial Excellence 2016 Winner
Best Web Photography 2015 Finalist
Best Web Videography 2015 Finalist
Editorial & Design 2014 Finalist

OMMA Awards
Creativity in Advertising 2014 Finalist

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Gear Patrol links to featured products via Amazon and other online retailers, including our own Gear Patrol Store. When you click on these links and purchase products, the URL automatically includes an identifier that tells the retailer you discovered the link on Gear Patrol. We then earn a small percentage of the purchase price as a referral fee. Our team is not beholden to or indebted by these retailers.

Affiliate linking has become a regular process in digital publishing. The earnings from affiliate links contribute to our editorial practice and fund our ability to appropriately staff our team and produce our signature Product Journalism. If you object to having purchase links attributed to Gear Patrol, there is a process to opt out, outlined below, for links that direct to Amazon.

  • Before clicking on a link you may right click and select “Copy Link”.
  • Paste the link into your browser. Then highlight the portion that says “?tag=geapat-20”.
  • Delete it.
  • Hit return and continue to Amazon with the original link, stripped of our affiliate tag.