To Budget and Beyond

The 10 Best SUVs Under $50,000

Choosing one among the endless many is no easy task. Moreover, since the average price for an SUV 2017 was just under $40,000, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To cover all the bases, we bumped the budget up to $50,000 and chose the best new SUVs you can buy in 2018.

Beauty, Meet Function

This Is the Craighill Desk Knife, and You Need One Immediately

The Desk Knife is just over five inches long and slightly thicker than a half inch. It's milled in Wisconsin from a solid shaft of stainless steel, then notched every half inch to improve grip and to function as a rudimentary ruler.

I hereby sacrifice my weekend to the lego gods

The LEGO Bugatti Chiron Is Nearly as Complex as the Real Thing

The LEGO Technic Chiron's W16 engine features pistons that move; inside the cockpit are paddle shifters that click and clack; the rear wing is adjustable, as in the actual car; in the storage compartment, you can place custom Bugatti luggage.

The GTC4Lusso Has Four Seats, Four-Wheel Drive

A Ferrari Hatchback May Seem Weird, but it Is Otherworldly to Drive

For a vehicle that is a sports car, a wagon, a luxury ride, a technological wonder, a wailing baritone and a striking centerfold all at once, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso without question coheres into a singular, crazy-good sensation.

And Clubhouse Memberships are Only $180/Month

Our Favorite New York Hangout Just Got a $4 Million Upgrade

Classic Car Club has transformed, thanks to a $4 million remodeling project. If you're in the NYC area and love cars as much as you love hanging out, you're gonna want a $180/month Clubhouse Membership.

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