Save 32%

The Most Reliable Travel Mug I’ve Ever Used Is on Sale

Travel mugs are held to a high standard; to be successful, one must be able to maintain a level temperature over time and be entirely leak-proof. Stanley's One Hand Vacuum Mug does that and more, and right now it's 32 percent off.

Go Go Gadget Lantern!

On Sale Now: A Super-Innovative Camping Lantern

Thanks to an array of functions that can be controlled from your phone, BioLite's innovative BaseLantern XL is perfect for use on the trail, in the backyard and inside too.

Save up to 75%

The Coffee Table Book of Your Dreams Is on Sale Now

Coffee table books are, arguably, works of art. They're also mightily expensive, but right now you can curate your apartment for up to 75 percent off with Taschen's sale of on display and lightly damaged models.

Happy Trails

One of the Most Iconic Hiking Boots Is 30% Off

Danner's Mountain Light hiking boot is based on the company's first-ever trail shoe, the 6490. It's been updated with some new materials, but the timeless features that have proven themselves mile after mile are all still there. Right now, you can pick up a pair for 30 percent less.

Pop Quiz

21 Terms Every Knife-Lover Should Know

The vocabulary used to describe a pocket knife may not be as complex as that which speaks to mechanical watches or automobiles, but if you want to sound like an expert, there are a few that you should commit to memory.

Hit the Trail

The Best Hiking Boots of 2018

Unlike concrete sidewalks and gravel paths, the trail calls for hardened and supportive footwear to combat dirt, mud, jagged rocks and streams. The answer is hiking boots and hiking shoes, and these are the best available.

Not Your Granddad's Jackknife

A Collection-Worthy Knife Is on Sale Now

The James Brand's County pocket knife is appropriately old-timey with a hint of the contemporary, which combined make it timeless. It's rarely on sale, but right now you can get it for 20 percent off.

Saddle Up

The Best Bike Racks of 2018 for Any Vehicle

Whether you’re headed on a weekend trip, to the local trail system for a lunch ride or the top of your favorite descent, a good bike rack is crucial. These are the best available now, for any type of vehicle and bike.

Db Equipment Savage Bike Bag

Travel With a Bike? This Is Your New Favorite Bag

Db Equipment just released the Savage bike bag -- a soft-sided bike hauler with a collapsible frame that'll make traveling with a mountain or road bike less of a headache.

Sorry, Dad

The Gear We Stole from Our Dads

Dad knew his stuff, we recognized that, and then we took his stuff. Here, Gear Patrol staff members share all the gear that we've taken from our dads over the years.

For the Home Gym

Never Go to the Gym Again with These On-Sale Dumbbells

Bowflex's home-friendly dumbbells cut down an entire rack's worth of weights into one set of equipment that can adjust from five to 50 pounds. With more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon, they're one of the top-selling fitness items and right now they're on sale.

Strong, Light and Corrosion-Resistant

One of Our Favorite Knife Makers Has a New Collection

The minimalist designs and high-quality builds have made pocket knives from The James Brand some of our favorites. Today, the blade maker revealed its new Titanium Collection.

Keep One in Your Spaceship

This New Knife Is Subtle, Futuristic and Practical

Zero Tolerance is known for working with knife makers to create forward-thinking blade designs. Its latest model, a folding pocket knife called the 0470, follows the trend while maintaining plenty of practical everyday use.

Kind of Obsessed

I Hate Rain Jackets But I Wear This One All the Time

I've never liked rain jackets. They're hot and unbreathable, and never at-hand in the moments when they're most needed. I managed to find an exception in Patagonia's Stretch Rainshadow Pullover.

Used Gear Is Good Gear

There’s a New Way to Get Cheap Gear from The North Face

The North Face is the latest on a growing list of big outdoor gear companies that are facing up to the environmental impact caused by manufacturing. Its new site, The North Face Renewed, is dedicated to selling refurbished gear for steep discounts.

Jack of All Trades

The 10 Best Multi-Tools of 2018

Today, there are so many types of multi-tools available that one can easily find an option with a toolset to serve the needs and tasks that you encounter most often. We did the research and testing in order to find the 10 best.

Covet-Worthy Cutlery

A Famous Knife Maker Just Made its Most Beautiful Pocket Knife Yet

In the knifemaking world, Chris Reeve Knives is renowned. The manufacturer's most famous model may be the Sebenza, a folding pocket knife that has become a benchmark against which many other knives are judged. This year, the company revealed its first new knife in two years: the Impinda.

Vacation Time

Travel Shoes Should Look Good and Pack Light, Like This New Pair

What makes a good travel shoe? It's hard to say, and the answer likely varies widely from person to person. The new Travel Derby from Huckberry and Nisolo strikes a balance between style, comfort and packability, which seems like a good place to start.

Save 25%

Two of the Year’s Best Coolers Are on Sale Now

OtterBox entered the cooler category last year when it revealed the hard-sided Venture, and doubled-down on that commitment recently with the soft-sided Trooper Series. Both are quality ice-keepers to rival the best.

Hit the Road

The 10 Best Rugged Travel Duffels of 2018

No matter where you're traveling to, you'll need a bag, and there's nothing more functional than a cavernous, weatherproof, backpack strap-equipped duffel.

Quality Is Longevity

These Military-Inspired Leather Boots Will Last Forever

Low service boots made with heavy-duty leather and lugged rubber soles were standard issue for the soldiers and airmen fighting in World War II. Triple Aught Design and White's Boots have teamed up with a handmade version of the boot that'll last a lifetime.

Does It All

An Athleisure Shoe That Runs Well Too Is on Sale Now

Altra's Escalante running shoe features a stylish engineered knit upper and a cushiony midsole. Like all of Altra's running shoes, it's built with a wide toe box and a level platform for a more natural run.

Some Maintenance Required

The One Pocket Tool Every Knife Enthusiast Should Own

Whether you're the owner of an expanding collection of pocket knives or the favorite that you've kept for years, blades need attention from time to time. CRKT's new Knife Maintenance Tool is tiny, but it'll help keep your pocket knife sharp and sturdy.

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