GP100 2019

The GP100

Sorry Apple, Google Made 2019’s Most Important Phone

In their ongoing quest to replace every gadget, smartphones have begun to do battle with dedicated cameras like DSLRs. All the while, their prices have continued to rise, reaching up into four figures. With the Pixel 3a, Google proves there’s another way.

The GP100

The 100 Best New Products of 2019

Every year, we test thousands of products to bring you this: a list of the 100 best new products worth your time — and your money.

The GP100

The 10 Best Tech Products of 2019

Like a shark, technology always moves forward, but who said anything about a straight line? This year has been full of twists and turns that illustrate how true innovation sprouts in unexpected directions.

The GP100

The 10 Best Outdoor Products of 2019

From a sleeping pad that’s intentionally big to a surfboard made of sheep’s wool, the best outdoor products might make you wonder which superlatives really matter.

The GP100

The 10 Best Watches of 2019

Wristwatches may be aging tech, but this year's best timepieces prove they can still feel fresh as ever.

The GP100

The 10 Best Fitness Products of 2019

Fitness isn’t always what you’d call fun. Which is why we love any product that brings us one step closer to that elusive feeling. Like this stuff.

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